Interested in taking drum lessons, composition or improvisation lessons with me? Drop me a line via the contact page – or even better to – kidmillionsdrums at gmail dot com. I have a drum studio in NYC, can meet up if I’m on tour in your area or we can do sessions over Zoom.

Drummers of any level (beginners are welcome) interested in technique, dexterity, composition, musicality, creativity, improvisation are encouraged to get in touch.

I also work with people who are interested in creating their own music and feel like they sabotage their creativity, or have trouble finishing projects. Drop me a line and let’s get to work!

I consult USA musicians and music professionals about Performing Rights Organizations, properly registering your original songs and ways you can increase your income from these resources. Drop me a line about that as well!

Below is a link to a website called Thumbtack with reviews from current and past students – but as is typical with these things, Thumbtack changed their algorithm so only the absolute top people get any kind of work through here – so I’m not as engaged with it anymore. If you want current reviews and references let me know and I’ll provide:

Drum Lessons with Kid Millions (aka John Colpitts)
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